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Sub. : From Presidents Desk (18th September 2020)

Good Afternoon,

my greetings to the each one of you, Advisors and seniors, President, my colleagues, respected members, ladies and gentlemen.

I owe my gratitude to each one of you for having me elected as President – Elect 2 years back. It is your faith and confidence in me that I can witness this day today.

Over the years BCBA as a helping hand has made a difference, it has been an absolute privilege to be part of BCBA, and I feel Honoured in accepting the responsibilities of the esteemed Association.

My Pranam, to my elder brother & Guru Mahendra Shah who bestowed me the responsibility of serving the members.

I am deeply heartened by the thoughts of people who want to help others and serve their community. By these words I am acknowledging each one of them who have been part of BCBA Managing Committee Meeting at any given time.

The next two years Our Mantra will be “Service above self”, we will do our best for the betterment of the CB fraternity,

We expect your active participation as well. Any concerns related to our trade you can write to us and get to our kind notice. We as a Custom Brokers have faced Pandemic, Economic crisis, Shortage of Staff leading to shrinking of our businesses and yet effectively contributing to the supply chain during these times. I am sure; we will rise again like “PHOENIX” and overcome these times. We have witnessed a number of changes in the customs clearance with initiatives like E Sanchit, Turant customs and now a major transition will be witnessed with the Faceless Assessment. This is a REAL GAME CHANGER Where the “GAME IS THE SAME BUT RULES HAVE CHANGED” so let us know the rules.

I take this opportunity to highlight the prime areas that we will focus on

  • 1. Knowledge based Training and skill development For CB & CB Staff:

  • we will develop training modules where Custom Brokers can learn the new norms and work with professional approach and dignity. – This will be exclusively for all the CB, staff especially the new comers. A detailed series of knowledge series will be held on use of new technology in our business and cyber safety.

  • 2. Legal platform:

  • A Legal helpdesk will be developed more advanced way.

  • 3. Exploring and creating new horizon:

  • Detailed know how on different horizon like specialist of GST, Audit executor will be provided.


CBIC Chairman has said of integrating all The Manual Procedure To Digital, we too will support CBIC. We will seek the help of the authorities for making Online modules for applications of custom passes its renewals and transfers, custom broker licenses


Let me assure you once again that this Managing committee will live on the motto “Service above self”

I thank and express my gratitude to all the Members of the association, our Advisors – Seniors, Past Presidents and Managing Committee members for always being a support and guiding me in the time of need and challenges during my Journey as a Managing Committee Member and Office Bearers. I am sure that the same support and guidance will continue. My sincere thanks to each and every one at secretariat of BCBA.

Together, let us ensure a great future for our community.

Jai hind – Jai Maharashtra

Mr. Kiran Rambhia,


Member Of

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